Love you till my last breath

“I love you.” These were the three simple words he said that day.It was 6th of January 2010. No flowers, no chocolates, no bending on knees, nothing. Just those three words with a crisp smile on his face! Yes, it was pretty astonishing for a first proposal.. but it was what it was. All that he had to offer was his simplicity and his love. Walking just beside him was a girl dressed in a pink kurti and black pants. Smiling shyly she walked with both her hands locked behind. They walked along the park as silence lurked in. Only to break the ice, he offered her to drop her home. She refused. Bidding goodbye was tough for him, he wanted to hold her hand for eternity.

Anticipating a sharp refusal of his proposal, he asked her with mere casualty “and your answer is?” She promised him she will let him know. She needed time to think. They parted.

Days went by. He waited, waited for her answer. The continuous war between his subconscious and his inner god had ended. The answer arrived. A very expected “No”. His heart sank into the quick sand of depression. A birthday present so harsh! He had not imagined. But he had known it all the while. He did not deserve her,his inner god had told him. Accept it and move on.

He couldn’t.

If not love he begged for her friendship. She was confused. She knew deep inside that she would fall for that man. She resisted. She was in a dilemma, she lost the battle with her mind. She gave in. He won her. He won her LOVE! His sleepless nights had ended. He had her now.


For long hours they stared into each others’ eyes only to be distracted by the evening siren. She looked away as she flushed. He embraced her and carressed her hair and adored her beauty. She melted in his arms as her cheeks turned a pale pink shade. The time stopped for him. He had his girl of dreams in his arms. She steadily rested her head on his chest, burried in and he could hear little sobs. He kissed her tears away. Looked her in the eyes, as if he would engulf all her pain then and there.  His eyes looked for the reason of her pain. She stared on. Her glistening eyes were devoid of emotions. She uttered in a broken voice  ” I am a flame to a moth,  I will allure you to death “….

Copyright ©2015 Aditi Raha.
All rights reserved.


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