The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!

A daughter, a sister, a wife and then a mother! And the loop continues. Its a never ending job, with promotions but with no pay. We women have been doing this for ages. And most importantly, we do it for free.

Though at times what we receive are bashes from a drunkard husband, ignorance from the parents, pain and nothing else. We are the shoulder when you weep. We are the pillar to support you. We are the cushion to comfort you.  We are the pleasure you lust on.

We were the ones created from your ribs to be your companion. You think you are mightier? Its you who are weak! You needed us to lead the life. God created you alone, but you couldn’t dwell it through. We bear your sins. It is you who fear our strengths so you keep us as your  “subordinates”. We never were, we never will be.


You fire bullets into us just because we show the desire to learn. We would conquer the world anyhow. You can’t stop us. If you cannot give love, don’t even sow the seeds of hatred!
We provoke your libido you say. So you rape us! You know what your foolishness provokes us ! Can we hang you on chains and smash you till death? Yes we can. But we don’t. Because we know how to respect one’s weakness! And talking of that you can never match the strengths we have. So it is this which you are afraid of?

We are superior to you. That’s what bothers you!

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

! Such a world,we crave for. There comes a day when you are in shackles, when you are beaten up for pursuing your dreams. When you are objectified, like once you did to us. When you will be punished for the sins we commit. When you will be in pain for being right! Scared, eh ?

We don’t want a world like that. All we appeal for is equality. We carry out every responsibility of ours, all we crave for is love. Why do you kill us even before we are born? After all you would not be in this world had we not brought you here. We create life in us. We are the ” mother of all living”. And this is how you treat us! Think about it!

We are not someone who ‘woo-men’ , if that’s how you interpret us. We are not even a machine which helps to breed. We are a being just like you. We have our own thoughts, needs and likings. The more you inflict pain on us the more we get stronger. We have feelings and emotions. We too love to be adored and taken care of. Equality is our birth rite which is what we want. Its the words which will make you understand or else we have other ways too. The sobriety with which we create a life , we can destroy the whole mankind with an equally strong viciousness!

Today we women stand in a society where we have earned our freedom. It was a long journey and a tough one.  You denied our independence so we have snatched it. But we still have miles to go.


Hence I pose a question to my readers, what and how do we earn the equality?


Copyright ©2015 Aditi Raha.
All rights reserved.


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