A letter to a stranger

Dear Mr.stranger,

I hope you are doing good;
good without me.
I know you wish that
you never ever see me.
I wonder did you ever
Ever love me?
I wonder what it was
When you said, go away, i set you free!

Cause freedom for me meant you,
The company I cherished.
But I guess I was just your habit,
A habit you couldn’t change,
A habit that was bad;
So you put it out of range.

I still remember the day,
The day I saw you first,
But back then you were a different stranger,
Now you are another one.
I loved your kisses
that went into the air,
Cause you were not allowed to touch me,
And you never dared.
A sweet innocence care
that was left behind,
When you caressed my hair,
And said dont worry, all will be fine.

I see now all is well,
Because you are on your own now.
And I am as well.
But still I find chances,
To catch a glimpse of yours.
Do you look the same
Or you are a complete stranger now?

So my dear stranger,
The journey thus concludes.
You’ve been a good lover
And a best friend forever.
Perhaps destiny demands of
To become a stranger again.

But there are certain things
Which you should know
Before we bid goodbye.
That I had always loved you
And I’ll always do.
Cause love knows no bounds
Till it is true.
But this love that I had was
Unique in its sense.
Cause a love that could prevail
Without any deals
Is a love that took birth to
Creates miracles as it feels.
I promised to keep the promises I made,
But remember dear sir
You were the one who chose
To part from me this way.

So finally Mr. Stranger
I would wish you luck
For the days ahead.
I am glad that you found a way out of this.
I am glad that you discovered a newer version of you.
But I can no more recognize you
I am completely lost.
I hope your light
Would guide me out of the past.

I hope to revive and regain the
Older me.
Cause that way,
I can cherish you
And all that meant to be.

Yours poet forever…


Copyright © 2015 Aditi Raha.
All rights reserved.


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