Its 3.46 AM on the clock. My late night playlist is on shuffle. And me staring blank outside the window. The night sky slowly turns crimson red. Every night i watch the stars disappear slowly into the beaming sun rays. I observe the nights turn into days. I observe the light win over darkness.

Sadly enough, I have never been able to understand the cycle of life. How you get entwined into the mystic maze of time! And it is so enchanting that before you realize; you have already lost your own game. Your chances are over. Now all you can do is wait to be slaughtered with hatred and then left alone to be pecked on by the vultures of depression. The darkness grasps you, and the more you wriggle the more it tightens. Happiness is the one to leave you first. Sympathy stays a bit longer. And Hope stays with you till the end. But Love , love picks you up from where everybody left you behind. Love remains where everything fails. LOVE BEGINS WHERE ALL ELSE ENDS!!

Dead ends are only for the ones who fear love. The brave ones always have a way out.. rather I would say :they always have a way in ! It soothes you through the spines of the harshness the world throws at you. It stays with you. It shows you light. It shows light not to get out of the maze.. but to get into it, to the very core of it – “eternity”. Its where time stops but Love doesn’t.


So when I love , I love with all I have. To take it to eternal stage, towards the white light, where two and only two souls survive and nothing else prevails. You look around and you see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear and you love how you want to love.
I find it only at the dawn when night grazes along the day. Its for this moment that they wait the entire day. To love and cherish each other. The whole world turns crimson. And then they retreat into the crowd, unknown to the world of their eternal bond.

And then for the dreams.. they show the Hope to see him again tomorrow. She dreams of her man leaning against the door, smiling , spreading his arms, that power and charm drooping down all over him. She wants to be his once and for all. He sees the dependency in her eyes. He rules her heart and she rules his mind. The crimson light cracking and the two souls unite again. She whispers “my man”.. just then the light turns eye-piercingly white. She loses him again into the light. She clings on to the dreams and the memories in the hope that one day she will find her love through the darkess into to light uptill the core of the maze… THE ETERNITY..

Photographs copyright :© BMD
All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2015 Aditi Raha.
All rights reserved.


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