The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon

I saw her one night gleaming with a silvery shy smile..
All her beauty bestowing upon me
She watched me from the distant sky.
Oh! the poise captivated me;
With soft tenderness I was bound and couldn’t flee.

Every night I watched her,
and she watched me;
She would hypnotize me with her milky soft: I was charmed –
Yes, I was disarmed;
We talked of the distant places,
We laughed, we rejoiced in our happy world.
My dreams were answered.
Her waxing spirits were scintillating
Ethereal it sounded,
A scintilla of love burnt bright.
She touched me with her surreal silver light, I was mesmerized.
But I could never touch her everchanging glory.

One lone serene night, all I could see was her glowing chin.
She was in veil.
And why this merciless torture to her admirer. I saw her silver light weeping:
Waning for days,
And suddenly!
My love disappeared into the black night sky,
She was in rage
She was pained
But what she never said was –
         How glorious were the embrace under her light,
         How magnificent the kisses were when she kept looking down at us,
         But what she never saw was that everytime I held the face in my arms I only saw Her glowing silver beams and soothing love.
        I never betrayed her..
        I could sense she too longed for those embraces and kisses..

She knew she was my heart warmer at nights,  not in the broad daylight. She was my dreams but not reality. She was my love but not my life.

And then one sleepless night,
As I was gazing at the empty sky,
She appeared in a blue veil
The essence of her love fulfilled the air.
I longed for her silver light
She said her heart was frozen now
It shelters the pain I threw at her
She never again will be the tender love I cherished
But she will still love me;
love me with all her might,
Shower me with the bluish rhythm of affection.
She said she is tamed to love like this,
She now adores me and all that is mine.

As,I leaned against the door.

She was curling up on the bed. The blue beams enlightened her body. I saw the two lovers of my life meet for the first time, scattering blue hues of bliss.
Whom do I love more?
A question still unanswered.

Photograph Courtesy ©BMD
All rights reserved.


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