The Jigsaw Puzzle !!

Ever wondered what the key to cracking a jigsaw puzzle is? Its getting the right piece at the right time. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. As we proceed , we find ourselves building up a beautiful picture. For some it doesn’t click cause we fail to get the right piece at the right time.

The each piece that completes the picture is actually each moment of our lives. Some pieces might seem absurd at times. They might not fit well where we want them to. But ultimately, they too complete the big picture. Such are the moments of our life. They might seem unwanted at times, but they are wanted to get you to your destiny.

Ever wondered if you have served your loved ones so well that you end up losing your own identity. You forget who you were. You know the right and the wrong in the head but you dont actually know them in actions. You have been escaping situations throughout, smiling all the way in the hope not to offend anyone. And why so? Well, you knew your weaknesses and your fears would be pinched upon on every wrong step. You dont learn to face them actually you learn to endure them.

Eventually its life’s call one fine day. Your wake up call somehow. You understand that its not about how quickly you solve the puzzle but how elegantly you complete the puzzle.
Adulthood hits hard. You are in dire need to build up your personality. The one you gave up for some uncanny belief that you would be sliced and diced by the cruel world. The truth is however you WILL be sliced and diced by the cruel world,no matter what. So why not face it with a brave heart. Die but die in dignity! The puzzle might puzzle you at times but you always need to look at the big picture: About the person you are becoming, about the person you are looked upon.  And you are on your own then. There will be people to advice you, to guide you, and some even to sabotage you, manipulate you or just sit back and laugh at you. You, my friend, are a lone warrior in this battle. You will be judged at every step you take. Encouragement would be very hard to find. Its the big picture that will keep you going. Suddenly you will realize that you knew all these all throughout. You just didnt take the action. Lethargic? Oh no no! You just figured out the whole game theory wrong.
Your childhood picture of a smiling world is still in your mind. You hope that someway or the other they would read your mind and know the thousands of thoughts popping. They would never harm you. Afterall why served them so well. But here in lies the bitter truth. The game here is not to please all as you go but to please your own self and eventually carry only those with you who really know to smile when you smile.
Broken as you might be that your pretty little doll house isnt what it seems. Theres no going back from this point though. The picture might not be all rosy and pink but have hues of blue and red or even black. But that would have its own beauty and you would have a lot to look back to as you weave your own dreams into it. That way we all have a unique picture of our own, our struggles being the same, our pain being the same.
Well, Life has its own realisations and thats the beauty of it!

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