Point Blank!

You won’t miss it this time.
Oh! No you won’t.
Those days were of distances
Which have subsided;
This is your turn now
The lost shall be retained:

I stare into your eyes
Much Calmer do they seem
Pure love they radiate
A crystal clear beam!

I had not been what you thought
Your postulates were proved wrong
The girl of your dreams
Might just be someone
So very antagonistic to me;

Although I must signify
That I do have a heart:
Which does nurture the soul,
Which knows tender care,
I could really make you smile
At times you felt low;
I was happy with what I had
But may be you were not.

May be she is prettier,
May be you love her more,
May be she was with you when you were all alone.
May be now when you look back,
You miss her more.
You see the waving hand and wonder quite often.
May be IT is the train you always wanted to be on.

But yes you fell in love with me
You cannot withold that
But now the time is to pull the trigger,
Just do away with me!
Do not wait my love,
Cause time binds us tighter
As we are close, we are getting closer,
It just might get harder
To end it further down the lane
Do not fear my love,
Cause time binds us tighter
Yours was I
And so will I be
Always and forever.

©Copyrights Aditi Raha_2016
All rights reserved.


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