“Zero to zero”

Dear Stranger-Turned-Lover,

Have you heard of Event Horizon? You must have I am sure. The point of no return I mean.

In a vacuum of feelings, the torchered soul just refuses to go back to the broken realities. Crumbles left and nothing else. You standing in the midst of this chaos dreaming of a new tomorrow. But hopes have quenched and all power has drained. Void. Black. Unseen. Blank!
You see no tomorrow, you hear no music. This, my friend,  is not the point of no return. Its only the perspective. Science says “Matter cannot be seen falling into a black hole”. My philosophy  says, Event horizons are just a change of dimension, a darker sadder dimension.
You literally do not enter into that dimension, do you?
Life is pain. You are born in pain itself, the day you come into this world you cry. Happiness is just a break from life I guess. 
Black holes are hollow hopes of nothingness. You get stuck. That, in itself, is an escape plan from reality.
The universe has far more brighter things to offer: Stars-Light-Hope-Love! Return from the “point of no return”. Dream and let dreams guide you. You are riddled in the thoughts of far away lands. Do not let the nothingness drag you down. Trail your path with the stardust you’re made of. You will find a better place to be.
Hoping to find the sparkle back in your eyes.

-Yours Poet forever…
Lost and found!


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