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A two-edged sword! I hurt and I heal..

The White Rose(part 2)

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” I’ll be late for dinner tonight”, he said as he closed the bedroom door behind him.
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The White Rose (Part 3)

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Chris couldn’t look into David’s eyes. He took the paper weight in his hand and started juggling it. His lips mumbled and his spectacle kept slipping down the bridge of his nose. Continue reading The White Rose (Part 3)

The White Rose(part1)

Bare bodies,hugging skins and wet cold eyes.
A husky voice called out, “Diana!Diana!”. The lady lying at the edge of the bed, clad in a sheer white robe, jerk opened her eyes. Her face lit up to a honey-glow in the shimmering light. She looked up into a mesmerizing and penetrating gaze. Continue reading The White Rose(part1)

An Overcast Afternoon

Stone grey clouds hung from the sky,
the look of a vindictive angel.
Embraced me in pensive sulks!
Its edges torn, an ice cold pace;
of what I learn the bygone’s in disarray.

It swells and bursts into pit-a-pat notes:
Creating a magnificent poetry of its own,
Tickling the grass and caressing the earth,
Painting serenity over the graphite sky,
Enabling life to the widowed and wild blue yonder.

The chaotic drops danced around,
Sprinkling beauty to what it found,
A crystal clear mise-en-scène;
Which was once a note,now a song.

Copyrights reserved Β© 2017 
Aditi Raha
Photo rights reserved:BMD

What lies across the river?

“Arrrrghhhh!! Captain Yellowpants, here I come.”, cried Ayush with his plastic sword in hand and pounced on his big brother.

“Yo ho ho! Matey, bring it on!”, exclaimed the older one and grabbed his little brother by the waist as they chuckled in the back seat of the car.

The lady on the front seat seemed lost in some abstract thoughts. As the car waited in the ferry line, her husband consolated,” Don’t worry, Ayush will be happy there.Its the best boarding school in town.”

Ayush recalled a line from his Civics book, “Happiness is where family is”.

Word count:100
A flash fiction based on the featured image.This is an entry in the #fridayfictioneers  #photoprompt challenge by Rochell Wisoff. This week’s photo is contributed by Ted strutz. Check out the other entries here. Gratitude, Rochelle.. πŸ™‚

Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt challenge: #writephoto Β ” ILLUSION”

Here’s my contribution to this week’s #writephoto challenge.Hoping to touch souls.Thank you Sue for the challenge and to the photo prompt contributor as well.Click here to read other contributions. Enjoy!

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel
There’s a light they say,
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel? 
I stare in dismay.
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!
I fear the unknown.
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,
Hope anchors the soul!

The light at the end of this path,
Castaway the disguise,
There’s the light right at the end,
Invent and recognize!

There’s a light at the end my friend,
The wars will subside.
The light at the end you see:
An amicable world to survive.

There’s a light right there,
The evils shall perish,
A light at the end,
Victory will be ours to cherish!

So there’s a light at the end my dear,
Rise in valour!
Strive till the end,
Break the tunnel through!

But as I stand at the end of the tunnel,
I see no spark or glint,
Cause the light is eclipsed under the facade lies,
The light had always been within.

Copyright 2017 Aditi Raha
All rights reserved.

My Happily Ever After

Happiness for Her meant seeing Him smile. Happiness for Her meant sharing the drink from the same bottle. Happiness for her meant dancing together freakily to an equally freaky tune. Happines for Her meant His warm carress in a winter afternoon. Happiness for Her meant flaunting the same Tees together. 

Happiness for her meant finding a husband, a boyfriend and a best friend all in one person. 

She often imagined her life to be all rosy and beautiful.She sitting on her favourite chair near the fire place in a cozy winter evening, sipping on a delightful cup of tea. Her Man awaiting the words of appreciation to pour out of her lips. She would tease Him with unexpected expressions and they both would burst out in laughter on their childish games. Then there would be days when she would read out her poems to Him and he would look into her eyes in admiration. The clock would stop ticking anymore and they would make love over the linen sheets. She loved to be wrapped in his warm carress. He loved capturing pictures of the sunrises and the sunsets and she loved watching Him  maneuver the camera. She loved dressing up for Him because He was the one who noticed the tiniest aspects of her personality. Her Man made her feel beautiful in all possible ways.She dreamed that one day her Man would escalate to great heights of success and She would be a proud wife to have been in love with such a wonderful person.

Snow was something which always delighted her. She dreamed of touching the first ever snow flakes of the season while holding His hand. She dreamed of autographing her own books while He gleeming in cheer. She dreamed of a cozy little home where they would nest the rest of their lives. She wanted to serve him with all her worth, vigour,charm and respect. She happily dreamed to be a proud possession of her Man. 

The mornings would start with the best ever cuddles. Then the furious fight to get ready in time. He would always be late lurking around with unwanted tasks just at the 11th hour and she would rescue him with the speeding skills. She always dreamed of helping him with the ties. He is always so impatient in moments of hurry. Then they would have rushing bike rides to the office. The evenings would be quiet and cozy. Someday they would enjoy the football tournaments together while other days would be  devoted to the Black Holes and Singularity discussions. His love for food and her love for him would finally bring up new cuisines every day. She was so not an expert in cooking but she would put her heart and soul into those. She dreamed of her nights too. The nights had to be warm wrapped in his arms and then she would doze off to a new day. She even dreamed of how he would scold her for not being able to do the tiniest of tasks correctly and then takeover the whole thing. She loved being loved by him. She loved being in his protection.

She dreamed of her whole life with Him. She often dreamed so and smiled. She believed. Dreams were her only hope. She found her Man in her dreams. So she chose to stay in her dreams forever. 

She dreamed of her Happily Ever After. He was her one and only Happily Ever After.