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The White Rose(part 2)

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” I’ll be late for dinner tonight”, he said as he closed the bedroom door behind him.
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The White Rose (Part 3)

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Chris couldn’t look into David’s eyes. He took the paper weight in his hand and started juggling it. His lips mumbled and his spectacle kept slipping down the bridge of his nose. Continue reading The White Rose (Part 3)

The White Rose(part1)

Bare bodies,hugging skins and wet cold eyes.
A husky voice called out, “Diana!Diana!”. The lady lying at the edge of the bed, clad in a sheer white robe, jerk opened her eyes. Her face lit up to a honey-glow in the shimmering light. She looked up into a mesmerizing and penetrating gaze. Continue reading The White Rose(part1)

I give you my colours to see you smile…

I sit by the window. I look at the starry sky. I glance at the calender. March 15th it read. I smile. My eyes, teary. Soon, i found myself walking down the memory lane. A bottle spinning around on the table only to stop pointing towards me. I flush. He smiles. I could read his mind. He had the question ready. Ready to utter the words, only waiting for me to choose truth or dare. I say “dare” and wink at him.

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